Best Advice EVER for Flying with a Toddler

I thought about making a big entry with a lot of tips.  But then I actually flew home to New York from Florida with my 16-month-old and realized at this age, there is really only one thing that works: snacks.

Lots and lots of snacks.  The go-to favorite snacks.  The snacks he’s never had before.  The snacks he could eat on his own and the snacks I had to feed him with a spoon.  There were  really healthy snacks and also the snacks that are the baby version of Cheetos.  The hell with it.  Flying is stressful with a little one and if keeping the peace meant letting him eat his heart out, so be it.  The toys only kept him busy for a few minutes.  He wouldn’t keep the brand new baby headphones I bought him on.  He had no interest in my I-pad and the people behind us got tired of peek-a-boo real quick.  So let me say this one little magic word again:  SNACKS.

Jack on plane 2


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