I’m Not Antisocial…Just a Mom Now

I’ve always been a people person. “Student socializes too much during class time” was a regular comment on report cards from the age of five and up. My senior year of high school, I landed the superlative “teacher tormentor” in the yearbook for my Chatty Cathy ways (my parents were so proud!) and when it eventually came time to choose a career, I picked one that would let me talk for a living. Literally.36ABA023-56EE-4765-8DD8-75B1A577609B

So given my history, can someone please explain to me why now, in my mid 30s, I have forsaken the socialization that was once the staple of my life? My new motto has become “one outing per weekend.” Meaning if we are going to a birthday party Saturday, you can bet I’m ignoring your calls on Sunday. And don’t even think about last minute invites, especially for plans after dark.  I turn into a pumpkin by 9pm sharp.   Seriously, memes like this are really speaking to me these days…


I guess it has to do with becoming a mom (and perhaps getting a little older, wah!). Let’s just say I’m a bit more tired at the end of the workday and ready to unwind the minute I walk through the door.  On the weekends, I crave time with my baby boy that I don’t get during the week. Peaceful days by the pool have replaced evenings out at our favorite restaurant. Long morning walks with the stroller now de-stress me better than happy hour drinks with the girls. And after the baby goes to bed, quiet time on the couch with my husband is my idea of the perfect romance.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not a complete wet blanket.  We have a go-to babysitter for when our favorite bands come to town. Days spent at outdoor festivals or the beach are a monthly must! And you can still find me running my mouth to friends over the phone when the stars of naptime align. Trust me: Chatty Cathy is alive and well. But she isn’t operating on a full battery anymore. This mama needs time to recharge. And unplugging peacefully at home with my family is now my favorite way to do it.Pool Dad 2

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